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From Hard-Dance to Folk, Hatfish Music Ltd. has been publishing writers and administering musical copyrights since 1996.

Whether you are a writer, performer, arranger, record label or conductor, Hatfish Music's aim has always been to ensure you maximise your potential earnings. Our grounding in auditing and music accounting enables us to recognise and tap all your potential revenue streams.

We are an independent UK based music publishing company with more than a dozen years worth of experience. The company was started by Jonathan Nash in 1996 when it became apparent that his partner was not receiving the majority of her royalties due from record companies and collection societies. Being a musician himself, he soon took on the mantel for various other songwriters who had had similar experiences within the music industry.

Originally an auditor within the music industry, it was this analytical approach and attention to detail that enabled him to fully realise the collection of royalties. It was this meticulous attitude and a desire for songwriters to receive exactly what they are owed, that the reputation of Hatfish Music Ltd. grew from strength to strength, as did the roster of clients.

Over the years, Hatfish Music has looked after some 250 songwriters, with a catalogue spanning over 5000 titles. Many of these titles have been successfully synched to films, TV shows, advertisements and computer games.

Not only do we handle the publishing rights of songwriters, but we have expanded the services available by administering the catalogues of other publishing houses, as well as providing services in regards to the collection of performance rights (PPL). This involves the collection of performance rights both in the UK and the world for artists, performers, and record companies alike. Furthermore we also administer the licensing of tracks for artists and record companies throughout the world, as well as administering the royalty accounting for several record labels.

The future for Hatfish Music is to continue with our mission to collect all royalties, big or small, on behalf of our clients, as well as fighting for the rights of our clients especially now with the complex advent of digital sales, and the changing face of the music industry.


Alphabet Backwards
Betsy Cook (Cher / Dolly Parton / Donna Summer / Tom Jones / Stevie Nicks / Paul Young)
Dark By Design
Dee Clay (Peter Gabriel/ Manic Steet Preachers/ Jamiroquai / Bros / Reef / Aswad / New Order)
Hardtimez Promotions
Alex Kidd
Lab 4
Lisa Lashes
Wil Malone (Take That / The Verve / DJ Shadow / Basement Jaxx / Black Sabbath / Il Divo / Iron Maiden / Annie Lennox / Kylie / Sugababes / Dido / Faithless / Spice Girls / Massive Attack)
Jamie Muhoberac (Alanis Morissette / Bob Dylan / Celine Dion / Iggy Pop / Joe Cocker / Pet Shop Boys / Rod Stewart / Seal / Tina Turner / Rolling Stones)
Music Factory (Jive Bunny)
Nettwerk Management (Avril Lavigne / Stereophonics / Sum 41 / The Pipettes)
Next Generation Records (Brisk & Ham / Vagabond / DJ Kurt)
John Otway
Andrew Powell (Kate Bush / David Gilmour / Leo Sayer / Alan Parsons Project)
Anne Savage
Linda Thompson (Emmy-Lou Harris / Linda Ronstadt / Graham Nash / Dolly Parton)
Teddy Thompson
Tidy Trax (Tony De Vit / The Tidy Boys)
John Whitehall (I'm Alan Partridge / Dead Ringers)

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